Is Fade in a switch ...

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Is Fade in a switch ...

Post by karmakard »

In Easyshow 2006 is it possible to fade a switch or scene. Example :

I want to fade out a Scene at a certain point of time in 4 seconds and overlap a Switch with a fade in time of say 3 sec.

Though there is a ENABLE DIMMER function available, but nothing happens on clicking on it.
If not possible, I would like this feature to be included in the future release. Also that a crossfade function for 2 selected Switch or Scene will be great.

Another would be ability of adding more than one Scene like Switch available now.

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Post by dylan »

When you enable the DIMMER function you can draw a curve under the button. Click on the arrow in the timeline header to show the curve drawer. You can add, move or remove point to make variation of dimmer.
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