Easy view 2006, the ideal “3D real time” simulation to visualize stage and lights simultaneously !

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Post by yasdfgr » Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:49 am

Use the latest EasyView and LibraryEditor (you can find both as *.exe in the ESAPRO package after installation)

First of all: make sure you have selected "Advanced" under Rendering Options in EasyView!!! Otherwise you will not see these effects!!!

It is possible to use "Split Color".
Unfortunatly splitcolors are not supported yet with the splitcolor-function in the color-options of the library editor.
So you have to do a workaround, which will lead to some side effects (later more).

* define you color-channel as gobo-channel (you have to do that, otherwise the gobo-rotation does not what you expect)
* for the full colors use the color-objects (it doesn't matter if the color-object is in the gobo-channel)
* for the half- or splitcolors create firstly a gobo (simple two-colored square) with the gobo-editor included in the library editor
* for the half- or splitcolors use the created color-gobos (make them as gobos who can rotate -> properties of the gobo-object, don't ask - do it, otherwise gobo-rotation doesn't work good)

* in you gobo-rotation-channel properties select "affect channel" with your "real" gobos

Side Effects:
* half-color-gobo + prism 5 does not work (prism 3 works!!)
* half-color-gobo + gobo-changer-effect for "real" gobos does not what you expect, if you've set halfcolor your light-beam will be white

I don't understand why prism 5 + half-color-gobo doesn't work, but prism 3 do - whats the difference?

the frost effect doesn't work good - i used it in a undefined effect-channel
proportional has no effect
static will switch on frost, but never switch off

Is it possible to get a "reference manual" how the "light-filter engine" of EasyView is designed. It could be helpful to understand what works and what not.
A another big bug is, when you selct "Shadows" under Rendering Options + Light Beam on (>0%) the light-beam is visible behind a object!

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Post by simonB » Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:22 am

yasdfgr wrote:* for the full colors use the color-objects (it doesn't matter if the color-object is in the gobo-channel)
Yes this is a workaround but note that due to the way gobos and colours are loaded, this could possibly slow down the colour changing in the visualiser.
yasdfgr wrote:* half-color-gobo + prism 5 does not work (prism 3 works!!)
We are aware of some of these issues. Although we have released a new library editor, the 3D engine has not been updated for a few years, therefore many of the new editor functions are not displayed correctly. This is not a priority for us at the moment as we are working on many other projects. I've made a note of your suggestions and when we get round to developing an update we'll take a look.

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