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Post by EVOLVEINSTALL » Tue May 17, 2022 6:04 pm

Think i've been asking for over a year now for these changes during programming

Just to jog the memory, push the limits!

1. Option to Solo Fixture or not whilst adding to timeline - Unless during programming you turn off all your non dims! (Not a tick box asking every time, just one option in the programming timeline window)

2. Do not Blackout/Null 0% the other zones whilst programming another zone

3.When you patch a fixture - Have an option so when you press/highlight the fixture, it makes those DMX Channels FL/255 so you can patch with ease - better still, a highlight feature which will bring the channel to FL/255 when pressed/Highlighted once on fixture patch window. Also, make it easier to see the DMX Channel on the Patch window without waiting for 1 second for the dialogue detail box to appear.

4. Dim and NON Dim for Single Channels - ESAPRO Can do this! Every channel can only dim.

5. Patch Fixture window to actually show PATCH information visually - Bit like view DMX Channels, Just shows 1-512 of live data only, no labels..just levels in 1 grey colour..partly useful, but could be so much better.

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