Overal disable double click/outputs window/cycles

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Overal disable double click/outputs window/cycles

Post by tsools » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:50 pm

Even though we own 2 SUITE2-EC boxes, we still use Sunlite 1 because it is proven and we are not ready to convert yet. Sunlite 1 fits for most of our needs. I have some suggestions for improvement, point 1 being the most urgent:

1. Double click on any button releases all other buttons on that page. This could be a nice feature for some people, but it's a problem with touch screens and with flaky mouse buttons. I can disable this on a per button base, that's a huge amount of work. I would like to be able to check a button in the Page Settings or even the Starting Parameters, to disable the double click feature altogether. The only place where I would like to remain using the double click function, is on the yellow Init button on each page. Am I missing something or can such a feature be added?

2. The Outputs->"Show channel's levels from current page only" pane follows the active tab. If the _MASTER Page is visible besides the Sub Pages, the automatic following seems to get confused between the _MASTER page and Sub Pages however, usually giving priority to the _MASTER page. I think a better approach would be to switch to the last page focused at any time. That way the outputs of Sub Pages would remain accessible, even though the _MASTER page is in view at the same time.

3. I use to add non-looping cycles to the _MASTER page, that can be used as a single click access to some commonly used predefined lighting looks. It will activate the Init buttons on each page and then some switches on each page. The On/Off radio buttons in "Change the time settings of the selected button" come in handy to define which switch will be on or off. But for more repeatable behaviour, a cycle entry should also be capable to set the blue speed and gray dimmer sliders of each switch. Is it possible to add this behaviour to cycles? The advantage of using a cycle this way, instead of using a scene, is that the speed/dimmer sliders of the individual switches can still be adjusted by the user after the cycle finishes, while a scene is quite static. Addionally, a cycle will also gain from future programming improvements to each switch, while a scene will not.

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Re: Overal disable double click/outputs window/cycles

Post by simonB » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:49 pm

1. I'll add it to our suite 2 development list
2. I see what you mean, you want to see the channels generated by the page before they have been modified by any master page buttons. We will think about adding this feature to suite 2 in the future
3. Already possible in suite 2

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