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Easy View / Easy Stand Alone "Patches"

Post by Broman » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:03 pm

I am experiencing trouble with how the fixtures are being displayed in my Easy View 2006 3D Visualizer.

I built the model in the construction mode and I hand placed & positioned the fixures where they belong (as they exist in the real world).

I have 44 fixtures - all mounted solid; no variable rotation or articulation.

I am using a new version of both ESA and EV.

On occasion I will open a show and then open the visualizer and I will recieve a message window telling me:

"Patch has just been modified. Do you wish to automatically update the changes to the visualizer patch?"

No matter which I select (Yes or No) - my fixures will snap back to their original (default) orientation and rotation - which is FAR from useful to me.

What am I doing wrong - or what can I do to keep my "stage" set the way that I need them to be.

BTW I have tried saving several copies of my stages in various locations for back-up purposes, but once the fixtures go back to default alignment I am HOSED on all stages.

Not cool!




Post by Broman » Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:22 pm

Looks like I've stumped the band....


This seems like a software issue.

Maybe there is something that I need to do - and that's why I am asking the question. I actually would prefer if it was my fault. If I was told that this was a "bug" I am not going to be pleased at all.

So far my experience with Sunlite has been less than spectacular - after the sell. This would be a great time to change my opinion. I am getting salty [b]fast[/b].

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Post by Marc » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:55 am

Which version of EasyView are you using? Are you sure it's the last one?
There are 3 issues:

->Try to download the last version: it looks like a bug fixed a long time ago.


->Start the patch manager in EV and unselect "Get the patch automatically from the controller" in the ESA tab.


->When you have the messagebox "Patch has been modified", click NO if you don't want to update your fixtures. (Remove your EasyView.ini file if you don't see this message anymore, it will reappear)
thanks for playing...

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