Copy show files without ESA Pro2

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Copy show files without ESA Pro2

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I just shipped my last unit and I can't recall - does the controller get recognized as a USB storage device?
So when I use the "write to computer" option in the ESA Pro2 software, the client can copy the files over to the controller without using the ESA2?

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Re: Copy show files without ESA Pro2

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If your controller has a SD-Card socket, you can use the ESAPro2 button "write to computer" to write the final project files into a folder called "Show1", which can then be manually copied into the SD card by your customer.

The DMX interface (depending on the model) might not be recognized as a mass storage unit, but you can always take the SD card out of the DMX device, plug it to the computer and write the Show1 folder onto it.

Hope this was clear, let me know if you need more info.

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