Changing Basic Colours Of Fixtures

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Changing Basic Colours Of Fixtures

Post by mart » Wed Dec 19, 2007 5:56 pm

i got a major problem with the standard fixtures in the lib:
I am using the 72 LED panels in front of an 135mx96m Background-texture.
When I turn down the RGB values of the panels to 0 they should be black,
but they get light grey.
As far as I understand, that's because of the ambient light which is reflected
by the panelsurface even when these are powered down.
That is true for devices like the EUROLITE Panels,
but actually our panels are transparent. or if that is not possible: opaque black.
Now i saw that there are object like NEON and Nofretete which have saved in colour-info so I guess also the PANEL has a build in colour info which is somehting like 250,250,250 i want to change this to alpha or 0,0,0
I tried several DirextX 3d Editors but even the latest Microsoft DirectX 3D viewer cannot load the sunlite .X-files.
Too bad. I know that sunlite dooesn't like poeple to hack their
Fixtures...but in this case it really keeps me from working with
the software. Would be nice if there is a workaround.
Would be good for sunlite if people can export their own devices.
Would be nice to be able to edit fixtures like objects (colour, size, transparency)
I guess there is a solution
would be nice to hear from you!

happy xmas

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Post by bruno.falip » Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:29 am

We have spent money and time to build these objects and we have found them on different software installations. We have decided to protect them, sorry if it is a problem for you. You can email to see if he can find a solution.

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