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Post by gmeloche » Wed Oct 08, 2014 1:42 pm

I have a few Stick KE1 and now DE3.
Firts question: On DE3 is it possible on the unit to start a stand alone routine?: for example I want to start on scene bleue to light up at 18:00 hr and turn off at 6:00 hr. What is the keyboard routine to get there?

Second question: On DE3, what are the folders/filing rules? What file names go into what folders name or root..etc.

Third question: On DE3, on folder Show1 those files where they came from like .sdv, .sdp2, what create those files? I know the .dlm is produce by ESA2, what about .arc produce by ESAPRO where it go on SD card or can it be use on DE3?