ESAPRO2 - KE2 - Port Triggers

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ESAPRO2 - KE2 - Port Triggers

Post by EVOLVEINSTALL » Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:45 am

Programmed via ESAPRO2, in stand alone mode.

2 ports - HWM confirms both are perfect in terms of responses, no ghost signals. Perfect.

Page A - 1 Playing
Port 1 Triggers Page C1 - Fail
Port 2 Triggers Page C2 - Works
Port 1 re-trigger - Works
Port 2 Re-Trigger - Works
Port 1 re-trigger - works
Page A - 2 Playing
Port 1 Trigger C1 - Fail
etc etc

Also, in Page A, When the Port is triggered - the KE2 jumps from Page A to Page C. Why does the Port have respond with feedback when its on its own separate zone? Would prefer the ports not to respond in this manner - would be great to have an option regarding this.

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