No write memory card

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No write memory card

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I am writing from Pelyhe Kft. from Hungary.
The new SLESA-U11, which has just arrived, does not allow the memory to be written. The show that should be written on it was made with ESA2, and we wanted the user to load the program, but it is not possible. We also tried with ESAPro 2, but nothing can be written or read back from the card. We wrote a demo show on the card with the hardware manager, but it doesn't read it back either
The message we get is: impossible to Write the memory. What must be done to be able to use it?
It would be good to find a solution quickly, because tomorrow the controller should go stand alone
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Re: No write memory card

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This seems to be coming from a faulty SD card or SD card socket. For hardware issues, please contact our support team here :

ESA Pro 2 Support

Mail : [email protected]
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