ESA Pro 2.1 (The future of ESA Pro 2)

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ESA Pro 2.1 (The future of ESA Pro 2)

Post by HarriGoodair » Wed Jan 31, 2024 2:56 pm

ESA Pro 2 has received a big update that changes many things about the software, its workflow & features.

Due to the large number of differences in the new version a new board for all topics relating to it has been created (ESA Pro 2.1).

Posts relating to the legacy version of ESA Pro 2 will remain available for all to access & we encourage users to continue supporting each other.

If you require any technical support for this software please open a support ticket using the link below...

You can download the final version of ESA Pro 2.0 from January 19th 2023 using the links below but please note that there will be no further updates to this version of the programme.


Kind regards,

Harrison Goodair
Technical Support

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