(INFO) ESAPro2 Software

Entirely designed from scratch, ESA Pro 2 is available for both Mac and Windows and offers amazing new features like timeline automation, pixel mapping, multi-zone programming...

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(INFO) ESAPro2 Software

Post by TomHat » Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:24 pm

Hello everyone !

Following the remodelling of our dear Nicolaudie Forum, we have finally opened a new section about the latest ESAPro software: ESAPro2 !
Here are some ESAPro2-related links you might want to pin onto your web browser:

ESAPro2 Download page
On this page, you will find all ESAPro2 download links, both for Windows and MacOS computers. Beta versions will also show up there.

Nicolaudie Support page
On this page, you will find Nicolaudie's support ticket system. If you ever encounter an issue with your device or your ESAPro2 software, you can also contact our support team right there and you'll be sure to get answers.

ESAPro2 Compatible devices
ESAPro2 is compatible with a long list of device models, most of which can be found on our catalog :

If you have any questions/ideas/suggestions you'd like to share, feel free to open a topic about it ! Looking forward to read you all !

ESA Pro 2 Support

Mail : thomas@nicolaudie.com