Cycles and Audio/Video

New features and a new user interface.

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Cycles and Audio/Video

Post by Thor » Sat Sep 12, 2020 4:13 am

This close to buying Sunlite EC, looks great!

I see there is no Easyshow for Sunlite Suite 3 like there is for Suite 2.
But audio and video are now in cycles, great!

I was able to play a song with lights triggered in 3D viewer in a cycle but when I pause the cycle when programming and then restart, the audio begins from the beginning rather than where I left off. This makes it very hard to program. The cycle will continue where it left off but the audio sound is from the beginning eventhough the playhead is in the middle of the song. My hope is to program entire songs and videos unless this is something that is not possible like it is in Suite 2 Easyshow?

Any help would be awesome. I'm hoping to move over from Freestyler which has been ultra reliable but no audio video built in.