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New Sunlite Suite 3 Beta - 8 August 2018

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:19 pm
by nick
Hi Sunlite users,

We have a new Suite 3 beta to try with updates listed below.

Please download it from the new Sunlite Pro website

- now displays the total time of a cycle at the top of the Cycle window
- added cycle markers, like Easy Show
- cycle settings -> 'do not activate button' option now saves if unchecked
- when deleting a page, all positioning was lost in Easy View 2. Now it is kept.
- can now copy/paste multiple cycle blocks
- 3d patch is no longer lost in Easy View when creating a new page
- fixed crash adding .mov multimedia
- solved crashed when closing the Palettes window.
- cycle now plays with midi trigger
- pallete now works with rgb W + UV + Amber
- layer column widths now saved when closing and opening
- previously if you moved a fixture, the output patch channels would not move. This is now fixed.
- added fade times to the page toolbar to make it easier to set
- now, when editing the text of lots of buttons in the console, Suite3 keeps the 'text' setup field visible when selecting a different buttons
- Suite 3 now displays 'extra color' channels in fixture preview window
- Easytime now has a button to play all from the beginning
- various aesthetic changes to interface

We would greatly appreciate if you could report any bugs you find on the forum.

If your interface does not recognize Sunlite Suite 3, please see this post about compatibility.

Kind Regards,