Important: Sunlite Suite 3 Compatibility

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Important: Sunlite Suite 3 Compatibility

Post by nick » Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:51 am

Important information about compatibility

Sunlite Suite 3 will be compatible with new Sunlite Suite 3 interfaces. It will also be possible to purchase the software for use with our upgradeable (SUT) interfaces via our web store (

The beta version of Sunlite Suite 3 is not compatible with any Suite 2 interfaces, including the BC, EC, FC and FC+ models. This is unfortunately due to a limitation of the Suite 2 interfaces not having the Sunlight Upgrade Technology (SUT) hardware built into them. We are in the process of upgrading our interfaces. Please see below.

Compatible devices
- Sunlite-BC. See store link below. ... asic-Class
- Sunlite-EC
- Sunlite-FC (released in 2019)
- Current and future SUT (Sunlite Upgrade Technology) compatible devices such as the Sushi, MyDMX3.0 and DVC-FUN, if you have purchased a Sunlite 3 licence from

Customers who have already purchased a Suite 2 FC or FC+, please write to us via our contact form (link below) for details of our upgrade deals. Please make sure you provide 1) your interface serial number (visible in HardwareManager) and 2) purchase date.
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