Pan/Tilt values not saved in a "per fixture type" palette

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Pan/Tilt values not saved in a "per fixture type" palette

Post by pperpot » Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:31 pm


I save XY values in a "per fixture type" palette but when i restart Suite3, values aren't stored anymore.

Here is what I do :

1) Start Suite3 and open Palette application (0'00 to 0'18)
2) Create a new "per fixture type" palette, set my XY values and save the palette (0'18 to 0'37)
3) Close and Re-open Palette application to check that my XY values are stored in the palette (0'37 to 0'50)
4) Close and restart Suite3, open Palette application (0'50 to 1'14)
5) My XY values are not stored anymore in the palette (1'14 to 1'18)
6) (Optional), start shouting about Suite3 (joke)
7) (Optional), go to the coffee machine, insert coins, and take a coffee to calm down... (joke)

To avoid this issue,
1) I both save a color and XY values in the palette,
2) Close and restart palette application
3) Delete the color value and save the palette again

Software version : Sunlite Suite 3 beta, Dec 12 2018
Show file : demo show included with Suite 3 beta
video : ... 2.mp4?dl=0
System : Windows 7, family edition, SP1, 64 bits
DMX controler and firmware version : N/A (not connected)

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