Switchers on the wall

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Switchers on the wall

Post by vlad » Fri Feb 07, 2020 1:52 pm


I whant to use DE3 or similar wall controller (esa, daslight etc) to controll led lighting (worm white led for general purpose) in hotel.

The customer has buttons on wall and he whants to use them for this system. For example when I choose some scene on DE3 the lamps in this room have some pre programmed intensity. But if the human in this room will decide that it's to bright or dark in this premice, he/she should have possibility to controll the brightness of the light using the button on the wall. The buttons ore just like usual switches for lighing but they work only like push button whith two contacts - when you push on it contacts circuit will close. When you release buttone - the circuit will brake

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