Stick CU-4 Red Channel Washed Out

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Stick CU-4 Red Channel Washed Out

Post by LeoD » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:17 pm

Hello, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions:

Set up a new Stick CU-4 yesterday to drive 2 LED RGB-W recessed lights. The CU-4 works well with all the colors, except for red. When I select red (or any shades thereof) on the CU-4, the lights are a washed out red (white with a red tint). If I turn off the CU-4 and manually use the decoder's built-in scenes, I can turn the lights red. However, the CU-4 controller will not turn the lights pure red, only a washed-out red (attached photo).

Is the issue stemming from the CU-4 not being compatible with the decoder?

Hardware Set-up:

Stick CU-4 (firmware updated); R-45 out to decoder
Aspect 4-Channel (RGBW) DMX512 Decoder and LED Driver
Aspect Lights (2) RGB + White LED Recessed Light - Ultra Bright (24W)
RGB-W Lights.jpg
RGB-W Lights.jpg (157.95 KiB) Viewed 4159 times

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