Issue with programming scenes onto StickDE3

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Issue with programming scenes onto StickDE3

Post by ilya0000 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:01 am


I have been using the StickDE3 interface and the ESAPro software to set up some architectural lighting. At first everything was working fine: I had two test scenes, an all white and an all red, and I could modify the colors and brightness of the scenes using the Stick interface with no issues.

I then wanted to include more scenes, and more areas but I have run into a problem: When I turn on the Stick it now sometimes shows the modified scene icons in the top right (the ones that say that this scene has been modified from the standard). It then also does not turn on the DMX lights. Other times, the scene seems to work fine, but if I try to select a new color it turns the lights off. Then I look into the brightness settings and they go to 0%. Even other times the brightness and speed options give me a number around 86000.

This has been very vexing, as I've tried re importing old scene set ups, creating brand new ones, and trying everything I can.

Hopefully someone here can help, or point me to someone who can.

Thank you!

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Re: Issue with programming scenes onto StickDE3

Post by simonB » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:33 pm

Hi There

It could be that the STICK has gotten confused after a firmware or show file update.

-format the memory card in the computer
-reset the settings from the STICKs internal menu (hold the on off button for 3 seconds to access this, then scroll to the bottom)
-connect the memory card
-download the latest ESA Pro software and upgrade to the latest firmware using the hardware manager
-re-write the memory
-startup the STICK and if you see the top right icons for any of the scenes, tap the reset button in the middle of the palette

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