replace DMX Chip on STICK3

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replace DMX Chip on STICK3

Post by dlaurentcali » Mon May 20, 2013 2:21 am

I have ordered 2 STICK 3 devices. The original STICK3 the universe2 DMX did not work, On the 2nd unit it was working and now again the 2nd iniverse is not working.

I suspect the DMX Chip for the 2nd universe is shorted out (although I don't know why this keeps happening!! )

with the spare STICK3 unit I have an extra DMX Chip - In theory I could take the DMXUniverse1 chip from one board and install it in the 2nd universe location on the 2nd board.

Can anyone confirm if this will work and if so provide instructions on installing/removing the DMX Chip from the board?

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Re: replace DMX Chip on STICK3

Post by simonB » Mon May 20, 2013 6:46 pm

Yes this should work. You will need to de-solder and re-solder the chip unfortunately. If you prefer, we may be able to arrange an RMA if you can send me an e-mail with the full details.

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