DE3 - FIRM 2.29 & 3.00

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DE3 - FIRM 2.29 & 3.00

Post by EVOLVEINSTALL » Thu Jul 28, 2022 3:33 am

SceneStartupEnable only works when device loses power or have just stored settings from HWM (So major reset), not via stand by button which remains as scene recovery.

With S0(OFF) enable - unticked, device turn on it will show and output an off scene after initial upload or change of settings HWM

Arrows - Speed Enable - Ticked - Will not increase or decrease speed, changes scene instead

Not sure what caused the following, as testing unit 2 i can not replicate but have a video of issue.

Selecting a Static scene on occasions took 3 seconds to output with fade time 0
and experienced a slow device, inc device would turn off instantly but took about 10 seconds to turn back on, and all buttons were delayed reactions. Defaulted setting, all came back to normal.

Also, April 13 ESAPRO2 also missing clock + port triggers once already assigned and show uploaded.

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Re: DE3 - FIRM 2.29 & 3.00

Post by TomHat » Tue May 09, 2023 7:06 am


(for the record) these issues have been fixed since reported.

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