ESA2 - Not able to edit

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ESA2 - Not able to edit

Post by Serhioromano » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:43 am

I recently made a projeect using SLESA 8U. Beforу that, I was very excited. But after few hoours of work, I've descovered shocking trues.

When I create scene and after that generate it I cannot edit it. Even if I save FX config makes everything very complicated. Since memory is limited, compression becomes very important. So I generate and then I do not like compression, I want to regenerate. I have to delete old generation, then load saved scene (but not forget to save it), adjust it again because it saves effect parameters but not to what fixtures it is applied and then generate again. If I want to make it little slower or faster, same process again.

That is exhausting.

In addition to that nightmare, it does not remember directory where save effects. If I want to save or load effect, I have to navigate through all directories again and again.

In addition to that, saved scene does not remember fixtures layout. If I have 50 scenes, and every 5th scene has a different layout, edit it even with ability to load saved effects is not possible. Because I do not remember what was the layout of fixtures.

So conclusion:

It is a very powerful tool for automation of animations and effects generation, but very inefficient. It require enormous amount of time to create long scene without right to make mistake.

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