ESA2 5th Dec 2017 Official

The second edition of our lighting control software designed for mobile DJ and architectural applications

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ESA2 5th Dec 2017 Official

Post by nick » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:16 pm

We have a new ESA2 official version to download which you can find on the Nicolaudie Downloads page. ( Link below ).

We always recommend you check that you are running the latest firmware on your dmx interface by connecting it to the included HardwareManager.
  • ESA2 now does not allow 'always loop' and 'next scene' to be selected at the same time
  • Includes fix for no DMX output issue with Stick-KE1 running firmware 1.21 2017-05-10
  • Solved problem with ESA2 crashing on live screen with a Sushi connected
  • Stick-CU4 - Includes HardwareManager with firmware v0.94. Fixes a bug with port triggers.
  • ESA2 now installs correctly on Mac Sierra when using a standard user account.
  • Fixed 'Impossible to write!' error when writing show that is too big for the Stick-CU4 memory. Now the write button is disabled instead.
  • The help menu now works with our new online manual system. If a manual does not exist in your language, the website will default to English. Currently English and French are available.
  • Mac: Fixed problem installing ESA2 from within the DMG window (Invalid filename error)
  • Mac: Fixed problem with software crashing on exit
  • Updated generic SSL folder to latest profiles
  • ESA2 file detection before open (inspect headers)
  • Crash when click cancel on start screen
  • Accept Enter and Esc on start screen
  • Stop mouse wheel controlling effects sliders in scene builder
  • Resolved graphical flicker on DMX Output window every few seconds
  • Fixed problem with mode 1 of the SSL profile always being sent to Easyview
  • Solved problem displaying preview for fixtures with more than 1 extra color
  • Curve effect is only applied to first beam
  • Extra stability fixes
  • Fixed 16bit micro channel data being sent on the wrong channel
  • fixed issue where 'always loop' and 'next scene' could be selected. This should not be possible.
  • fixed crash on live screen with Sushi connected
  • Windows: Fixed issue with Easy Remote detected
  • Fixed problem with no dmx output with Stick-KE1 running firmware 1.21 2017-05-10
  • ESA2 updated from XHL v1.6 to v1.7
  • Standalone tab now showing in ESA2 when connected to Stick-CU4 with beta 0.91 firmware. This firmware version fixes a bug where port triggers would not work.
  • Disappearing cursor problem fixed when using keyboard triggers and mouse to move the fader bars. The mouse used to stay hidden after the key was released.
  • Fixed problem with generated curve effect when compression is adjusted
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