ESA2 July 1st Official

The second edition of our lighting control software designed for mobile DJ and architectural applications

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ESA2 July 1st Official

Post by simonB » Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:07 am

The latest ESA2 is now available on our downloads page here:

-possibility to save and load effects
-possibility to re-size a selection of fixtures
-new effects
-optimised Scene Builder allowing more fixtures and effects to be played with a quicker response time
-new version of Easy View, featuring a new GUI and the possibility to import objects
-support for the latest DMX controllers including stand-alone support with SUSHI/BUDDY

Bug Corrections
-scene list jumps back to the top each time a step fade/wait time has been edited
-problems saving step fade and wait times when another scene is selected directly after selecting the fade/wait time
-corrected problems when stacking several effects
-not possible to delete an effect with the trash can. Sometimes crashes, sometimes does nothing
-when you put a curve effect on the dimmer channel there was a flash of white when the curve hit 0
-if a preset was tapped in the wheel with the mac trackpad, it was selected but not applied (both win and mac versions)
-the software became slow when used with an Apple trackpad
-crash when loading certain effects
-when several fixtures are patched, removed and immediately re-patched, a crash may occur
-various other minor bug corrections
-various Easy View and Scan Library bug corrections