LED Display for SIUDI9S V0.2 ?

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LED Display for SIUDI9S V0.2 ?

Post by wagnerpj » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:14 pm

Is there a way I can get a single-digit LED readout of the step the current scene is in with my SIUDI9S V0.2 circuitboard? (In Stand Alone Mode)
I have a SLESA U9 but I really need the digital readout, like with the U8. Can I modify the circuit board, or somehow access the logic for current step? I'm very electronics literate, so adding / building an additional circuit wouldn't be tough for me.

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Re: LED Display for SIUDI9S V0.2 ?

Post by BertRands » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:59 pm

Hi...I am using the supplied code for the GPS enabled clock with the UNO and the 1.2" seven segment display with backpack. I am trying to use setBrightness to reduce the brightness of the display and keep getting compilation errors. How do I set the brightness ?

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