Sunlite Suite 2 with Realizzer

Sunlite Suite 2 is a complete re-design of Suite 1. Please discus any issues here

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Sunlite Suite 2 with Realizzer

Post by wdropp » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:02 pm

I use Beyond with the Realizzer (Visual software) to view my laser shows. I also use sometimes Beyond with some DMX outputs.
I want to use Sunlite Suite 2 (I have SIUDI 8C) with Realizzer via Artnet.
Beyond conecction with Artnet is very easy. I have followed all the sugestions in the forum to connect using Artnet but I can`t
Has anyone connected Sunlite Suite 2 with Realizzer?
I have the January version of Sunlite Suite 2


Walter D.

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Re: Sunlite Suite 2 with Realizzer

Post by Tronics » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:29 am

Hello wdropp,

I use Realizzer and Sunlite Suite 2 (FC) me too, without any problem.

Has my experience you need:
- A network card (yes I know, both software are local, but you need a network configuration)
- A cable connected to this network card, to connect your computer to an existing network (I don't know why, but it seams that sunlite don't detect the network else)

First launch Realizzer, then configure the artnet input IP.
Then run sunlite, and if you have more than one network IP, choose the correct IP when sunlite show you a window with the IP to choose.

If you haven't any network card, another solution is to create a virtual loopback network (it's a virtual network card, always active), but I don't remember how this work.

And a last info: nevers use the loopback connection (, that don't work.

To help you with configuration, try the tool "The Artnetominator":
It's free, it automatically detect artnet data on your computer, so you can see if sunlite send artnet data on network or not, and check if the problem is with sunlite or with Realizzer.