[BUG] Sunlite Suite 2 - Unleash fixture page from Master page = Crash

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[BUG] Sunlite Suite 2 - Unleash fixture page from Master page = Crash

Post by Superbaloo8 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:42 pm


There is a bug with the function "Attach fixture page to Master Page" which is crashing Sunlite

Version: 13/06/2016 (beta)

Bug Scenario:
  1. Create a show with at least one fixture page
  2. Edit existing INIT scene from MASTER page, and let it opened
  3. In the window PAGE, unleash one of the fixture page from MASTER page
  4. Click in the editor windows already open
  5. Sunlite is crashing without any error message

This issue also exists when you are attaching fixture page with master page editor opened.

Current Workaround:
  • If one or several fixture page shall be unleashed from MASTER page, perform it without any MASTER page editor opened.
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