How to became Sunlite Suite 2 certified trainer?

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How to became Sunlite Suite 2 certified trainer?

Post by Superbaloo8 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:58 pm

Hi all,

It with kind pleasure that I've open my own company few days ago, and i will perform support activity around Sunlite Suite 2, but also trainings.

I was wondering how it could be possible to be certified by Nicolaudie company as "Known Trainer Dealer" or something similar. I've already saw that some training company got this validation.

I will provide trainings in the south of France, and this validation will help me a lot to provide trainings.

Moreover, I didn't found where it is written if it is allowed to use your logo, like SSL2 one, inside my training documentation. If you got some legal stuff on that, it will be much appreciated.

Have a nice evening,


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