very limited time to program, what do you do ?

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very limited time to program, what do you do ?

Post by steen4sun » Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:08 am

Do you have any preferred tips how you get the best result when you got audience around and need to "show some movements as well"

I had the thought of having say 4 positions stored as palletes. pos1-4
I need to get the first one right, so the light is ok.

copy this first one so pos1=pos2=3=4

then create a switch where I create a easystep sequence referencing these pos1-4.
fade time ... say 2-3 seconds , time at the step say 10 seconds.

Then I activate the switch.
first the heads wont be moving, but the I go into palettes and change pos2, fix1,
I have got 10 seconds to change a little bit.
when the switch fades to pos3, I save the pos2 and take the same fixture and then i got 10 seconds again to change pos,
when the switch fades to pos 4

my idea is that some light is displayed, and during iterations it will change more and more.

obviously this wont work doing theater but I think the procedure could be ... better than nothing or just pos1 ?
this wont work good with say .... +10 fixtures ... but still ...