hotkey for fast programming

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hotkey for fast programming

Post by mix » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:58 pm


It's a little bit since my last message :)
I'm using the software in this days, and there's some missing features that I would try to request:

I wanna know if it's possible to have some hotkey assignable to fixture group and palette, in the editor window.
I've see that I can assign to a console the fixture group selection, but would be awesome to assign the palette too... (when I trigger the command, the palette is applied to the selected fixture/fixture group, without dragging & dropping it)
Would be awesome to have the same thing for the keyboard too... I need to create many scenes and a faster way to select fixture and assign to it color/position etc, like u can do on the various console (vector, grandma & co).

Also, would be awesome to have a way to overwrite a created scene, inserting the current active switch, like you can do when you create a new scene button, like you can do with the embedding in button, but that it's consolidate into the scene programming... so in this way I can fast change something of a fixture using some existent switch, try it, and if I like save into the scene
(At the moment I have to create a new scene, delete the old one, and rename the new)

Some other hotkey I would like to see is the "GO" button (it select and switch to the next scene in the page) and some key that fade out/fade in the master dimmer. Probably I can create some of that using a console... but I cannot always have a console, and have this command with the keyboard would be usefull.

Finally, I would like to switch a scene page into a list, instead of single buttons (I'm programming a theatrical show, and probably I would have more than 50 scene... have it in a list is more comfortable)

ps: I'm currently using the software under mac, using crossover. It only miss the interface support, all the other thing is working for me.
Yes I know that if I use bootcamp.. etc etc.. but I don't wont... I need the other application and document here, without reboot... and sunlite is working for me...
If you would team up with crossover, probably you can release it under osx, without rewriting it (I could beta test it ;) )