involight cobpar100t ssl profile

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involight cobpar100t ssl profile

Post by DJR3000 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:54 am

Hi all!

I bought some involight devices cobpar100t and did not find the SSL profile in the library. Usually the Chinese a lot of clones under different brands, but I don't like even came to refactor. I tried to make one yourself, but it is not convenient to use.
Anyone faced with such devices? I have already written in the Fixture library request, but maybe someone here will be able to help you faster.

Here is a table of 10 channels:


1./0-255/Dimmer 0-100%

2./0-255/Red 0-100%

3./0-255/Green 0-100%

4./0-255/Blue 0-100%

5./0-5/No function
5./6-20 /Color Change
5./21-30/No function
5./31-255/Color change in auto

6./0-10/No function
6./11-255/Strobe with increasing speed

7./0-20/No function
7./21-220/Built in program 1-10
7./221-255/Sound control

8./0-255/Speed for the built-in program (from slowly to fast)

9./0-9/Dimmer speed Optional (1st channel Dimmer be open)
9./10-29/No function
9./30-69/Dimmer 1
9./70-129/Dimmer 2
9./130-189/Dimmer 3
9./190-255/Dimmer 4

10./0-9/No function
10./10-211/Each value with a 10 ID from ID1 until ID19
10./211-222/Each value with a ID from ID20 until ID66
(Ch 10 - ID selection: After this select the fixture per ID1 ~ ID66, control via DMX when open value as below per each model even they are at same dmx value).

Thanks to all of you responded!

Sorry for the Bing translator:)