How use MidiCon Blackout Switch

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How use MidiCon Blackout Switch

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i seek for some ideas on how to use the Blackout "Switch" on the Midicon.

What do you think what is the best way of achiving a Backout across eg. RGB, dimmer and Moving Head fixtures.
I played a little around with linking it to the Master Shutter open/close type wich works for eg Moving Heads but how to assing a Shutter to eg RGB and dimmer channels ? Also it is a switch hence we (i asume) do recive a "Note on" and on the second Button push a "note off" event which means there must be something to action on the first press eg activating a Shutter (close) and one which is eg happening for Note Off eg "Shutter open"

Another option would be to link all Init Scence to it but hmm then other Buttons mid still be on taking i can not simple press it twice .....