Feature: Prevent Retrigger of Cycle Buttons

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Feature: Prevent Retrigger of Cycle Buttons

Post by hsteppke » Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:58 pm


i like to ask for a Feature on how the Trigger works on Cycles Buttons. Currently they re trigger if a Cycle already runs back to the start.

means if a cycle already runs and the Trigger appears again the Cycles starts again leaving behind what was active at the Time the Cycle was re triggered.
This makes it nearly impossible to have something programmed in a cycle that should run for a while maybe till it comes to an end.

Like a sequence or show with underlying audio and different items happen at different times.
But to get away from my Halloween show and giving a real Show example. If used to program a sequence of Moving Head Events the fact that Buttons which are active at the time the re trigger happens stay active can render the supposed output broken. Lets say your sequence goes to various potions in the room with one Gobo and normal light and at variouse room positions you fire a few flashes to highlight the movement. or you close the shutter to make them dark in some areas. Now the Re trigger would get back to the Cycle start and then run everything with eg the shutter still closed or the flash still on.

Hope i could explain what i mean (keep in mind i`m german so my English mid not be perfect)

Maybe its simple to code it as an option in the Buttons trigger logic to say if "ignore retrigger" is checked and the Cycle already runs ignore the trigger.