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Sunlite Suite 2 is a complete re-design of Suite 1. Please discus any issues here

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bug correction

Post by dornchristoph » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:46 am


is this forum still active? I found some bugs in Sunlite Suite 2.
Would be great if there was a possibility that this could be fixed in a subsequent update.

Would that be possible, or am I wrong, or will not errors in Suite 2 be resolved at all?

Kind regards

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Re: bug correction

Post by nick » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:25 am

Hi there,

We are still fixing bugs in Sunlite Suite 2.

I recommend following this guide when submitting a bug report :

For a quicker response, I recommend submitting via our support system as this takes priority over the forums ...

Kind Regards,

Nicolaudie Tech Support

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Re: bug correction

Post by dornchristoph » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:45 pm

Hello, I have created a ticket on your side.

Here again in the forum.

I found some bugs in the Sunlite suite 2.

1. When you start the software and save the current show in the Open / Save window, all the consoles in the current show will be deleted, and you will have to reimport the currently saved show file so that you can use the consoles again.

2. in the page settings in patch settings when clicking over there on xy to range of motion of the moving heads adapt to, not only dimmer / shutter will be sent, as provided in the lower settings, but are randomly irgentwelche sent values, my spot moving heads eg then get the command to reset, as soon as I open this window.

3. I can save on my sunlite suite 3 ec interface does not stand alone scenes, if I switch'll put in standalone editor to the scene, and the scene then draw on a disk space on the interface always remains the button "wtrite interfaces memory" grayed out, so I can not save the created scenes on the interface. Tried in each of the latest sunlite suite 2 and 3. with the easy standalone software, the interface can be easily described, but I would like to use the sunlite programmed switch as stndalone

4. If I click on a switch with the shift key pressed, I usually get the window with the switch properties. If you have summarized several switches in a compression, and this has set as an external window, you get this window only when the compression window is very close to the compression on the same device side. If you pull the window a little farther away, or go over the edge to the next device side, you get this switch property window no longer, it flashes only very briefly and disappears immediately.

5. Sometimes when I edit several switches in a single compression, in the compression settings the hook is set sporadically at "random when sequenze is finished" at button type.

6. In the console window in Sunlite suite 2 it is actually solved well that several consoles are displayed in the console window below as bar, in which one can switch between the individual tabs super.
In sunlite suite 3, each console has its own bar that runs the full width of the screen. If you want to switch over the individual console windows via a touch screen, you have to hit the narrow bar, and if eg. 4 consoles are created, you have to afford 4, this unnecessarily reduce the screen, and by jumping up and down between the afford, the operation is no longer so easy.
I would be grateful, if a possibility in sunlite suite 3 is installed, that one can switch easily over touchscreen between the individual consoles, as tab bar similarly as in sunlite suite 2 at the lower edge of the screen.

7. Is it possible to arrange switches individually in a compression?
although in the settings of the compression "sort by name" is disabled, I can not arrange the switch otherwise.

8. If you create several buttons for various switches in various compressions in a console window, and the compression is set to "only one switch is on", only one button in the console will always be displayed as active. just as it should be right.
However, if the device pages in the main program are switched to invisible in the "page window" (click to display the page), all buttons can be activated via the console but remain active in the console even though they are in compression because of "only one switch is on "can no longer be active, and no longer exist. If the page is switched visible again, this problem no longer exists.

I hope these problems can be fixed in a next update.

I used the latest version of Sunlite Suite on the website, and I use windows 7.

If you have any questions about the problems just let me know.

Kind regards.

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