Autostart Show with SunlieSuite2

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Autostart Show with SunlieSuite2

Post by eddyedfred »

I want to autostart a specific show in Easyshow when I start Sunlite2 Suite. I can tick a box that says "Auto start" (Controller tab -> section view -> other windows -> Auto start). But this button opens Easy Show with an empty show. By the way Easy Show starts everytime, whether AutoStart is ticked or not.
Are there any command line options with startup commands for SunliteSuite 2?

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Re: Autostart Show with SunlieSuite2

Post by nick »

Hi there,

Yes it is possible! You need 3 switches which perform different commands and a cycle which loads them with a delay in between. You then create a favourite with the cycle enabled and set this to load at start-up.

1) Create 3 empty switches.
Switch 1) Settings > Easyshow > Start Easyshow (Enable Checkbox)
Switch 2) Settings > Easyshow > Open Show (Enable checkbox). Click on the '...' button to select your show file (.ses) to load.
Switch 3) Settings > Easyshow > Play

2) Create a cycle. In the Cycle window press the record button, then press each switch 1, 2 and 3 to record them into the Cycle timeline. Now move the switches around 3 seconds apart on the timeline. This allows you PC enough time to perform each action. For example, it may take 3 seconds to load Easy Show.

3) Open the Favourites window. The favourites window saves the software state, which includes the panel positions and which switches are activated. What we need to do is create a favourite with the Cycle activated. So select the cycle (Don't worry that it also selects Switch 1) and create a favuorite. Test your favourite works.

4) Right click on the favourite and select 'Activate on startup'. This will mean Sunlite Suite 2 loads with the cycle activated.

5) Restart your software to test that it works.

Please find a demo file attached.

Kind Regards,

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