Several issues including Easy Show

Easy Show, You can now easily build your own multimedia light-show with Time-lines !

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Several issues including Easy Show

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I purchased the Sunlite Suite 2 dongle last week. I first tried running it on my MaC OSX 8gb RAM via Windows 10 parallel. It worked decent but kept crashing. I then purchased a brand new HP Spectre with 16gb ram and i7 processor with Windows 10 to insure the application wouldn't crash. Upon installation I've notice several bugs (I took screen shots of them) including a black box that covers the fixture selections and several windows cropped in half with no way to adjust them. It also intermittently crashed (naturally after having worked 6 hours without saving).

Finally, I installed on a third computer. HP pavilion with 12GB Ram i4 processor. This cleaned up the bugs, but now I can't get communication with Easy show. I've tried both the Beta and regular version for all three computer. It doesn't crash as often, but it still WILL crash without fail after a few hours use.

I'm still within the warranty period on Amazon. I don't want to return this software because it's well made. I've also logged many hours learning. But if I can't rely on this to be stable when I have paying customers, I will have to return.

Please advise, thank you!
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Re: Several issues including Easy Show

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I am very sorry to hear of the problems you're having. Have you tried the very latest beta version of Sunlite Suite 2 from our website?
It's currently dated 13/06/2016 (as of writing).

Sunlite Suite 2 should run on all of the PCs you described. We also run it on Macs using Bootcamp.

I will message you privately on the forum with my email address so that we can work out what is going wrong.

Kind Regards,

Nicolaudie Tech Support