Running Sunlite from QLab using MTC

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Running Sunlite from QLab using MTC

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The tutorial on Nicolaudie TV is very basic regarding MTC.

I currently have a show programmed and running with Easyshow as the timeline/media player running all audio and video, which is in turn running Sunlite for my lighting cues. Unfortunately Easyshow has started crashing repeatedly and has not been updated since 2006, therefore I need to move the media to a far more stable platform to avoid the nightly crashes during live performance.

I have selected QLAb for my media and it also generates Midi Time Code. I have a midi interface connecting my mac to pc. The mac is running QLAB and generating MTC. My PC (my sunlite computer) is recognizing the midi clock when I use MIDI-OX to confirm I have communication.

Here's my question. In what ways can sunlite interface with midi time code?

1. Do I need to translate all lighting cues ive programmed from each song in the show into individual cycles?

2. Once I do this, how do I syncronize the cycles to communicate with timecode?

3. Can sunlite communicate or work with MTC in any other way?

4. How can I confirm sunlite is seeing (receiving) the time code signal?

I need assistance quickly please. I posted about easyshow crashing days ago and still have not received a response. I need to get this system stable as it is a nightly show.

Thank you
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Re: Running Sunlite from QLab using MTC

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Do you know the preference tab "midi setup"? You can find it at software preferences -> midi setup. Here you can see all your in-, outputs and data Sunlite recieves and sends.

I haven't worked with cycles yet. So that is what I think might happen:
1)Yes, you have to put all cues in individual cycles, but you have to trigger each cycle manualy. (only one at a time is possible)
2)Go to "midi setup". Choose your midi interface at "midi time code in". Activate "midi in" in each cycle.
3)No, I don't know any other way.
4)Install Midi-OX and loopbe1 on your PC. Select in Sunlite as MTC-In loopbe1 as well as loopbe1 as output in Midi-OX. Now you can generate a MTC signal in Midi-OX and send it to Sunlite. I have tested it. Works perfect.

As far as I understood: QLAB is capable to send midi notes?

My second suggestion (not very elegant, but it shall work): Send midi notes from QLAB to Sunlite. Open a console in Sunlite (it doesn't matter what console, I would prefer Novation Launchpad) and route the data to the console. In the console window you can trigger the scenes as you used to.

"route the data to the console" is the tricky part: Under "midi setup" select your midi interface as input. Right click in the console window on the tab "novation launchpad". Choose "Midi device settings". Create a new midi input. Then rename it exactly to midi interface. Now right click on a console button. Go to "console setup" and choose the right midi command that is send by QLAB.