no audio sync after generated a cycle with light/audio?

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no audio sync after generated a cycle with light/audio?

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i worked on sunlite 2006 FC and now i use the latest sunlight suite 2 FC.
on the old version of sunlite 2006/easyshow , when i created a cycle to sunlite from easyshow , the audio was started by a switch command wav#MySoud

this form of command don t work now on the new sunlite suite 2 (or i didn t found how to use it ^^) , i can manage that (using switch button with multimedia file on it) but the big problem is that on older version the sound was automaticaly synchronized with light in a sunlite cycle , when cycle was on pause or we move toward the cycle the audio follow (pause etc...)

on this new sunlite when i pause cycle , the sound still going (the cycle pause but the switch button with multimedia still on and music continu of course) , there is no synch between audio and light inside a cycle.

did i miss something please ? i know there is MIDI TIME CODE solution , but on older version of sunlite , audio in a cycle were synchronized

my goal is to have audio and light synchronized after creating a cycle with easyshow in the sunlite (audio start but it s separate from cycle and it s not what i want)

any help please ?

(i m french i hope that my english is understandable)
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Re: no audio sync after generated a cycle with light/audio?

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In Suite 2, the best thing to do is to add your audio inside Easy Show, and then use button commands to play/pause Easy Show.