Easy Show front-most window positioning

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Easy Show front-most window positioning

Post by d0ugparker »

I need to keep a different application window than Easy
Show as the front-most application window at all times,
but it keeps losing its focus.


Running XP Home on a Sony Vaio laptop as my primary
monitor, and the secondary monitor is a Polaroid external
plasma screen. The connection from the Vaio is a 3.5 mm
connector for stereo and video. The connection to the
Polaroid is with three RCA connectors.

Currently I have the laptop monitor as the primary monitor,
and the external display as the secondary--I haven't tried
swapping them yet, as outlined in the Easy Show forum
entry "Video in Easy Show".

I have the video maximized (F1, and right-click-
) so that it plays full-screen, without the
border of the player showing around the edge of the


However, when I place a video clip in the video time
line, as the play head reaches the beginning of the
video clip, the window playing the video always becomes
the front-most window, knocking the other application
out of its front-most position.

If multiple videos are in the video time line, or if I
have video and JPGs, encountering the start of any
of them will bump the order of the window around,
the screen displaying the video or the graphic will
have front-most status, and I lose the front-most
status for the application that I need to be in front-
most window status.

I need to have the video playing while it keeps its
order in the window layering sequence.

Can this be accomplished, or is there a way to work
around this by having something else force my
application back in front-most position?


Doug Parker
Orlando FL