DMX output when "off" causes low level flicker

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DMX output when "off" causes low level flicker

Post by jimp » Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:12 pm

I have my STICK connected to an RGB DMX Decoder 24ch (8 RGB) 3A/Ch which uses PWM. When the STICK controller DMX is unplugged from the decoder of if I remove power from the STICK, the RGB flex strip connected is completely off, all LEDs are dark. After applying power to the STICK and as soon as it boots up, there is a very low level residual flicker coming from the LEDs. Whether I run a timeline of all 0,0,0 or push the off button on the STICK, the LEDs continue to have this very low level flicker ( not visible in daylight, but in total darkness you can easily see all R,G, and B leds flickering). The lighting is being used in a very dark bedroom and this low level flickering is disturbing. RGB strip is very efficient high output 5060 smd type. Even with less efficient strips, the glow can be observed in darkness. Tried other channels on the decoder, alternate power supplies, tried terminating the DMX signal and tried universe 2 output with same results. Any ideas?

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Re: DMX output when "off" causes low level flicker

Post by simonB » Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:51 pm

This sounds like a problem with your DMX driver. Try with a different driver or fixture to make sure the STICK is definitely just sending 0 values.
Try making a short lead and use a DMX reader if you can get access to one to make sure there is no noise on the line.
Unfortunately there is not a lot else I can suggest other than to test with other DMX devices, then you will know if it is a STICK problem or a driver problem.

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