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Not a good start....

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:36 pm
by andyhebberd
Today (15th June) I was very pleased to receive my new STICK-KU1.
I downloaded and installed the latest (beta) ESA Pro. Opened Tools and updated the firmware.
Next, in ESA Pro, I wrote a very simple show. When I attempted to save the show to my (brand new) Sony Vaio notebook, ESA Pro locked up. My only option was to do a forced restart of my Vaio. Following the restart, ESA Pro doesn't recognise the STICK and will only open in demo mode. Windows Device manager shows the STICK as having the drivers installed and working correctly. Tools shows firmware v1.18 and both Serial Number and Product code of 0. On the Stick itself,i have the following lights illuminated - A (blue), Dimmer (blue) and the centre green on the 0-9 strip. All of the "touch switches" on the STICK are non-functional.
I have reinstalled the software and reflashed the firmware, but still nothing.
To make matters worse, I need this working for Saturday evening...... HELP!!!!!!!!

Andy Hebberd

Re: Not a good start....

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:40 pm
by robymilani
hi... i have update the driver today and i don't find any problem... probably because i use windows xp again... what os do you have??
but don't go sad..
try to disinstall everything about stick.. i mean esa pro , esa pro beta, stick driver (from windows device manager)..
restart windows.. so now your pc doesn't know nothing about stick or esa pro..
so go on and download esapro beta: 4 of may
install it and don't plug the stick till the end of installation and the restart of windows..
if windows ask you something, say always yes.. esapro is very safe...
after you have restart and windows is open well.. plug in your STICK.. wait some second and windows recognise it... say always yes..
after windows say install is correct.. try to update the firmware.. but take out the memory card.. pay attention that everytime you make an operation on TOOLS you have to wait.. that the stick will be recognise by pc.. make 1 operation per time..
now it will be all ok... put the memory stick.. install the infrared option from the tools.. and all could be ok...

Re: Not a good start....

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:41 am
by andyhebberd

Thanks for your help.
What I did was to uninstall all the drivers, I still had older drivers installed from the SLESA-U7. I also took out the memory card as you suggested and reflashed the firmware. It now appears to be working.