time clock, live and show transfers

Sunlite Touch Sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad

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time clock, live and show transfers

Post by Jaxon » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:50 pm

When I program a show to the stick, the times that are shown in the program mode are much longer than they appear to be once connected to a fixture. Is there an internal clock that I need to sync up with? What can I do to fix this problem?

When I attach a fixture to the stick while connected to the PC the values assigned in my shows are not corresponding with the fixture. It will not turn on at all. It only plays the shows that were previously written?

Can I transfer multiple shows saved as different files at the same time. When I add a show, it seems to replace the one that was written before. Why is this?

Thank you for your

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Re: time clock, live and show transfers

Post by simonB » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:17 pm

Hi Jaxon

Firstly, make sure you are using the latest software version and the latest firmware version. The firmware can be updated using the Hardware Tools application which can be found in the ESAPRO root directory.
1. Does it have an internal time clock? The periods of time that i program onto are actually much smaller than it says. ie if I program static red for 1 min. It will only actually run for 15secs.
If something is programmed for 1 min, it should play for one min on the STICK. If you can send me your show, I will test it on a STICK I have in the office and see if I get the same problem.
2. The Live feature. When i connect a fixture to the STICK and the PC, the fixture will not react to the changes on make on the PC, it just runs what was previously added. How do i fix this?
When using the live feature, select “Live” From the “DMX Mode” button on the ribbon bar
3. When I add a show, then add another, it replaces the previous show. How do i keep the old show and add a new one? Can I add two shows saved under different names to the stick at the same time?
You can only save one show on the STICK at one time. At this time you cannot combine shows on the STICK or with ESAPRO. You can read a show off the STICK by selecting “Read the interface’s memory”, you can then modify this show in ESA Pro and then write back to the stick.

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