Easy view 2006, the ideal “3D real time” simulation to visualize stage and lights simultaneously !

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Post by Chris » Fri Mar 17, 2006 12:49 am

Hi !

I've been stuck in some trouble with the library files included. I'm using Easy View 2006 with a usb-DMX Interface.

I patched Martin Roboscan Pro 918 mode 4 and some Robe colourspot 575 AT mode 2.
The Roboscans got a strange yellow colour instead of being white. Giving them other values from the controller doesn't work because it starts mixing with the new colour values.
That's the first thing.
I haven't had this problem in the previous version of easy view.
The Robe colourspot 575 AT don't react on values on the colour channel so no colour is displayed they stay open white, gobo, Prisma don't work as well...
In the previous version i was also able to use them, so what happened in the actual version?

So please update the library or send me the 2 files so I can merge them in my folder...
Thanks in advance !


no visualisation of colours / scan library editor ??

Post by truss(t)_me » Mon Jun 26, 2006 10:49 am

I have to join to the author before with problems of the visualisation of fixtures colours and gobos [Easy View 2006].

In one setup I use HES Studio Spot 575 & Robe Wash 250XT.
The colours of the Studio Spots in combined mode of their two colour wheels, as well as the colours of the fixed wheel of the Robe washs were not shown properly.
Only the colours of the washs in CMY-mode are displayed well.

Is it possible to modify "output values" (e.g.: displayed colours / gobos / etc for specific DMX-value) in the library ?
On the homepage is the "Scan Library Editor" mentioned; may this help me ? Where can I find this within the "Easy View" Software or as download.
Unfortunately the manual isn´t very helpful in these details.

Thank you for your efforts.


Post by Guest » Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:53 am

Open the profile with the ScanLibrary editor and modify it.

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