How to create custom lighting fixture?

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How to create custom lighting fixture?

Post by vlad » Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:08 pm


I want to create 3d model of lightbox with night's club logo. There are 4 words. Each word will be seperate rgb "panel" with its color. I want to make a visualization in easy view to present to my customer how it will be look like. So how I should start it? I suppose I should start creating of this fixture in ScanLibrary but how I can create template for it?

At fact I should create fixture with 12 chanels, 4 groups of rgb panels. But the point is that in EasyView this fixture should have sizes aproximly 1300 x 300 mm, the rgb panel should have shape of words: "ANDY BAR" in first row and first panel (1200 mm width, 150 hight of each letter) and "free people area" in second row and each of this words are single rgb panel (1200 mm width too, 50 mm hight of each letter).

Can you advise something?

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