pan-tilt resolution

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pan-tilt resolution

Post by pragmalab » Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:59 pm


I was wondering how Easyview 'knows' the pan-tilt resolution for a given fixture? In other words, how many degrees will it rotate at a given DMX-step? Does the application make use of the knowledge that most stepping motors that are used in the fixtures, have the same steps/rotation. Or does it take the pan/tilt range into account that was entered at the fixture definition?

Anyway, when mounting a fixture in Easyview and mounting it in the real world, the positions at a given pan/tilt DMX value never match: in Easyview they point to a certain position on the stage, in the real world will point to a different positoin (yes, the XYZ-posions match, as wel as the rotation angles)

Does anybody know how the application deals with this pan/tilt resolution?

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Re: pan-tilt resolution

Post by simonB » Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:05 am

If you set your pan and tilt angles along with your central point correctly within the fixture profile, your fixture should point at the correct angle in the 3D. As you move the fader from min to max, the fixture should step proportionally between the minimum and maximum angle specified within the fixture profile.

Something else to try is to invert the pan and/or tilt of the fixture in the 3D.

Note that as cheaper manufactures don't always put high quality linear stepper motors in the fixtures, these are impossible to visualise exactly.

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