Missing steps i buttons and scene

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Missing steps i buttons and scene

Post by Wollsen » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:43 pm

Hi there

I had a 3 gigs at the same location last weekend, so I only had to program once (ore so I thought), Thursdays I was programming my show including movingheds, scanners and led matrix. At friday turmed on sunlite only to discover that the all preprogrammed scenes that has more than one step rainbow matrix 1 and 2 all steps where missing, and I all also have greated at shutter chase on the masterpage for the mh and scanners, steps where also missing. I quickly make the programming right again. This time I saved the show, Saturday where the same problem, steps missing again. I made a load of the save that I had made the day before, everything was back normal. Sunlite was closed down normally both days. This has happened to me before on different computers and sunlite versions.

Any ideas ??