New Scene Loosing Channels...

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New Scene Loosing Channels...

Post by N.Webber » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:53 am

Well, I'm sorry to bother you again but there's another problem (or maybe another thing I am missing?)...

For simplicity I'll describe it using a basic page which has four dimmers feeding four generic fixtures positioned at four corners of a square.

I then created new switches for four groups of fixtures. One for the two in front, one for the two at the back,
one for the two on the left and another for the two on the right.

In all these group switches the corresponding channels were set to 100% and the non relevant channels were set to OFF.

Now here is the weird part.
When I create new scenes that are made up of different levels from these switches (by ('As You See Now' option)
there is almost always a channel that is 'left out' and stored at 0%.

At first I encountered this when calling switches that shared the same channels (like the front group with the right group),
but this also happens if I combine discrete groups (like front & back).

This seems to happen at random. I have not been able to find the logic as to what causes a new scene to 'loose' a channel (or two…)

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