External i/o connector

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External i/o connector

Post by jharris »

Hi Hope you can help!

I need more info on the external I/O port. Im using a PLC running relays to switch between scenes. It works fine when only 1 port is triggered. However when you trigger multiple ports, to get a binary number, the unit gets confused. Im sending a 5 second long burst of the correct port address.
How does the SLESA know when multiple ports are connected not to look at them as indvidual triggers? What happens with switch bounce? How close must mutiple port addresses arrive together to be counted as one binary number.

Best regards
Jon Harris


Post by adam1976 »

I couldnt ask that question any better. Any help on this will be a big help. We are having the same problem!!!.

Post by julien »

The processor checks every 80ms the state of the I/O port.
You don't need a burst.
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