SLESA-IP1 working of clock and contact trigger combination

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SLESA-IP1 working of clock and contact trigger combination

Post by rwring123 »

I have used the DMX controller in a project and want to know the following for sure.

I am using:
Nicolaudie 1989-2006
Aug 31-2006 (Philips)
Firmware 1.27

We want the following functionality, using a solar-light/dark switch in combination with the internal clock.

A scenario has to be switched on/off when a solar pushbutton contact (port 1)is triggered and switched off by internal clock. We have 1 pushbutton contact connected to port 1.

What will happen if the port 1 contact is before/after the clock from setting?, will the scenario be activated or only be activated if the port 1 triggering is between the from and to time clock settings ??
If during the day the contact setting changes, will this have effect on the scenario?

Can only pushbutton contacts be used?

Hope somebody can help

Best regards
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I think we have replied separetly.
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