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Slesa-IP & ArtNet & univers failure

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:04 am
by Sven

i have change my SlesaIP to Artnetmode (hold the 3rd Button an than power on and hold 10seconds the button)
My Problem: The interface send in the ArtNet PollReply-Packages the univers is 0x0f.
If I send ArtNet-DmxData to 0x0f, then Interface don't work. But if I send ArtNet-DmxData to univers 0xff then the interface works fine.
Its that a Bug in Firmware of SlesaIP interface or i don't understand the ArtNet.

I have test this with the DMXWorkshop from and other Software.

Can somebody help me?

(sorry my english is very bad)